Everyone, at various points of their lives gets lost. Be it on the road, at the mall or during a conversation with their best friend. We need someone, or something, to help us understand. Especially when we are in a country where the rules, places and people are different. Alien. It can be fun, but sometimes, it can be a daunting and unforgettable experience.

Imagine being left at the bus stop by your parents simply because you had not noticed that your bus had arrived. You turn around, and POOF, they’re gone. And you’re standing there alone– in the rain- holding your bags and wondering if they’re pulling a prank on you. Only to realize, that no, they got on the bus thinking that you were right behind them. So you have no choice but to wait yet again for another bus and travel by yourself downtown. You do not know exactly which stop to get off at. In other words, you are lost. You finally arrive at your destination, by yourself, and find your parents laughing their hearts out. You then realize: Hey, I just had my first adventure in this new city, and I am actually doing alright!

But of course, the adventure does not stop there. It was merely the beginning. There are many more challenges to hurdle. Many more dreadful experiences, that may or may not become funny stories to tell to your friends. Yet, there will also be so many opportunities to meet new people, and constantly learn new things- about the world, and about yourself. Everyday is an adventure, and I am just hoping that I come out of it tougher, wiser and …alive.

– TLP, Arianna

Arianna is a 23-year old aspiring journalist and travel, literature and photography enthusiast. Though from the Philippines, she grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam before moving to Canada to study Journalism at Carleton University.

Two years into her course (and after many failed attempts), Arianna decided to (finally) step out of the comfort of her personal diary and blog about everything, and anything. Her travels, her photographs, her thoughts, her discoveries.

Everything you can find on here was created with her own mind and hands, and she hopes to inspire and share her journey as she navigates through our crazy, wonderful world – one blog entry at a time.



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