Welcome to the Circus

Step right in and take a seat,
Prepare yourself for the show,
For once the lights dim and the music starts,
You’ll have nowhere else to go.
Watch as the masked clowns make you laugh,
Watch as the colourful acrobats take flight,
Watch as the fire breathers take your breath away,
Never mind the secrets we’re all trying to hide.
Don’t mind the pain underneath that plastered smile,
Don’t look pass that illusion of wonder and pride,
Don’t stop clapping when you begin to realize,
That you’ve wandered straight into the dark side.

Funny how appearances can be deceiving,
But wait, who is tricking who?
Is it those performers donning flashy costumes as they slide over,
Or is it the individual who willingly came inside to escape – you?

That wafting scent of sweets and popcorn has turned into smoke,
Choking, gripping your insides as you choke.
The laughs have turned into mind numbing screams,
The well built jolly facade fraying at the seams.
The lions roar as the fire spreads, people trying desperately to flee,
But you’re frozen in place, held down by a force you can’t see.
You stare straight ahead, at the mastermind leading this chaos,
Only to realize that you’re looking back at yourself – you are their boss.

The ringmaster has you now, and there’s nowhere to run.
Don’t fight they say in sweet hushed tones, the show’s only just begun.




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