Hanging On

It goes without saying that I am a lost child,
A girl who seems to be taking it all in stride.
But secretly always searching for the right path to take.

She’s independent they say, she knows what she’s doing,
But little do they know that underneath it all there’s something brewing.
A weakness that’s threatening to burst at the seams.

So I’m hanging on to your strength and love,
And with your cheers and gentle shoves,
I know that there’s nothing that I cannot do.

You know me more than I know myself,
Know all the things I’ve shoved onto that top shelf,
Knew all my dreams before I even realized what they were.

Despite the distance and arguments, you’re always there for me,
Armed with smile and a corny joke that never fails to fill me with glee.
You were the first man I loved, the first to show me how I should be loved.

So I’m professing my undying, unconditional love for you,
Something that I will never tire to do.
Here’s to the man who’s way better than all the superheroes combined.

My idol, my mentor,

Without you, I don’t know what I would do,
You are my lifeline.
And I’m never letting go.

Happy Father’s Day!



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