Let Me

Let me feel the flowers on my fingertips as I lie under the stars,
Let me have this moment, as I stare at my dreams from afar,
Let me lie here, let me be with my own mind,
Let me cherish the solitude as I leave it all behind,
Let me be, let me free from the eyes of the judgmental crowd,
Let me slip away from the pressures without a sound,
Let me save myself from the nightmares, torment and tears,
For no one ever came to save me from the darkness all these years,
Let me be the one to decide how it all turns out,
Let me do this one thing, just this once, with no doubts,
So please, let me be, leave me to my vices,
Let me take this weight off my shoulders and forget all the faces,
Let me be the hero, or villain, whichever, of my own story,
Let me go, and know that for this I will never be sorry.




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